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Instructions on 10 ways to increase likes for your Facebook

If you want your photos posted to have a huge number of likes, then soon we will guide you on  how to increase likes for your facebook  very effectively and quickly, follow along.

10 ways to increase your Facebook likes

How To Like For FacebookHow to increase likes for Facebook

1. Set Public, Every body mode for Profiles and posts – how to increase Facebook likes required

To increase likes effectively by increasing Facebook likes, your Profile must allow the Add friend, Follow and Message functions to be displayed for viewers who are “strangers”. In addition, you should also set your post mode to “Public”.


This setting makes it possible for people to like, comment, share the posts you have shared as well as Follow (follow), Add friends with you.

2. Update Cover photo and Profile picture

You should update your cover photo and profile picture regularly because these types of photos are most often noticed by visitors seeing them directly in front of their eyes. They will appear on your friends’ News Feeds.

How To Tang Likes For Facebook 1Cover photo and Profile picture


Your piece of information, no matter how attractive, is not able to attract the attention of viewers immediately. For example, if you want to convey a message and want to attract great attention, perhaps you should use a colorful avatar.

Many people also expressed that they do not like accounts without avatars, you should pay attention!

3. Update Status Regularly

You also know that new good posts are liked, shared, commented by many people and their friends will see your post to interact. The secret lies in how to write words, images, videos, shared link content, etc., so that people can see why they have to click like, follow your Fanpage and Profile.

You can also choose to post celebrity quotes to attract interested people to help speed up the spread.

4. Tag your friends

This tag helps in attracting the attention of the person being tagged and also does not have to use too long links. Do @tag, your Status can also be located right on the Timeline of the person being tagged and appear in the News feed of that person’s Friends too. Then their friends or Fans of Fanpage will see and visit your Status, Profile.

5. Choose a posting time – how to increase Facebook likes is important

A recent survey shows that sometimes your status line, although very interesting, does not attract attention and does not have as many Likes as expected. This may not be the fault of the content you posted, but because you chose the wrong time.

How To Tang Likes For Facebook 2Choose a posting time


To get more likes, you have to post when there are many people accessing Facebook. According to the survey, the most appropriate time to post Status are the following milestones:

  • 06:30 Before going to work
  • 10:30 Prepare to finish morning work
  • 12:00 At the end of the meal
  • 17:30 – 22:00 At home

Facebook supports the post timer feature, which means the article you have prepared, Facebook will put it on the top of the News feed for you at the appointed time.

To install, go to Post Status, select a round watch face image with minute and hour hands below and select the time you want to post. Note the limitation here is that it is only timed for that day.

6. Self-like

This is the simplest way to increase Facebook likes.

If you already liked your Status, now you just need to unlike (not like) and then like that Status again. This action helps your status swim to the top of Friends’ News feed for them to see. An alternative to this is that you comment on that Status also has the same effect.

7. Transfer photos to Album


After posting a photo for a while, you can click on it to select Options, move the photo to an existing Album or create a new Album. This also makes the photo float back into the News feed again for friends to keep liking.

8. Like your friends first then click on my post


Simply put, normally the Status you post will be located somewhere on your friends’ News feed. Until you like everyone’s Status, those Statuses will continue to appear on your Friends’ News feed and push your Status down further. To click your Status to float above, you do the next way!

9. Write good content, easy to read, easy to understand, easy to see

The best length for status is 140 characters or less, which is why Twitter has this rule. For Facebook alone, the ideal length is less than or equal to 40 characters.

How To Like For Facebook 3Present easy-to-read content (images are for illustration purposes only)

And an accompanying photo to attract attention is extremely effective, but must be particularly beautiful photos, not too small in size. In the picture, there are a few more verses or a sentence that is not mistaken, but it must be GOOD.

10. Share status with a meaningful image attached

Also based on Facebook’s statistics from April 22 to May 21 this year, up to 93% of Facebook updates are images because not everyone is patient enough to read a full text status with text. That is if you attach a meaningful image that can reflect the status content, people just need to look at it and press the “Like” button faster.


Each status should include a related photo, but don’t post too many “selfies” or you will get hate!


These are the simplest ways for the images and status you post to gain more likes. Good luck!

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