Instructions for quick OA Zalo authentication for businesses 2022

OA Zalo authentication is also known as proving that the Zalo Official Account is owned by the business. The owner of the Zalo Official Account (OA) page has the right to request the Administration Board to verify the ownership or right to use the name, brand or individual that the OA represents. With Zalo OA accounts that have been authenticated by Zalo, there will be an orange checkmark icon to confirm.

What benefits does OA Zalo authentication bring?

When successfully OA Zalo authentication, businesses will receive benefits such as:

  • On the avatar of Zalo OA will be shown the symbol “Verified”. In order to help Zalo OA create trust for customers as well as interested people.
  • Support many other problems when there is a Zalo advertising campaign.

– For verified accounts, there will not be any OA on Zalo with new registration information similar to that account. Avoid impersonating OA’s brand and reputation.
– Priority to appear at the top when users/customers search for OA on Zalo.
– Allowed to use Zalo Shop features.

How To Get Out

OA authentication steps:

To authenticate OA Zalo you need to prepare some documents and do the following:

Step 1:  Access the Official Account’s management page Access the Official Account
manager by following the link
Access the OA to be authenticated.

The Realms Of The World

Step 2:  Access Account Information
At the menu tab, select Manage > Account information > Credentials

Step 3:  Submit authentication documents

  • Authentication by business name:  Apply to businesses that use the name shown on the business license as the OA name.
  • Brand Name Authentication:  Applies to businesses that use a brand/brand name or other trading name as the OA name.

The Realm

Step 4: Submit authentication documents

Authentication documents must comply with Zalo Official Account’s account authentication requirements:

  • Select document: Select the document file you want to authenticate
  • Document standards: Up to 6 files, each file no more than 5MB
  • Text: Format .doc, .pdf
  • Image: .png or .jpeg format

After selecting enough records, click Finish. Click Confirm full payment if you have made sure to submit enough supporting documents, click Check again to add documents.

After submitting the request, the system will display a message confirming your authentication request has been successfully created. The verification process will be conducted in 7 working days.

What process will Zalo do to authenticate?

In the process of handling the OA authentication problem, Zalo needs to consult, answer or handle the locked account. Zalo OA managers can email BTQ Zalo via mail to support and guide the Zalo OA authentication process.

Email content needs the following mandatory information:

  • Title: Verify Zalo account OA
  • Content: Thanks to Zalo Official Account to reopen OA accounts

– Name displayed on Zalo

– Phone number registered OA

– The name Zalo OA is locked with the link.

– Reason for being locked: Expired to update information

The above are the OA Zalo authentication processes for businesses you should understand to operate correctly to avoid waiting time due to the wrong authentication process. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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