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Important factors for implementing 24/7 customer support service

For many years now, restaurants have provided 24/7 customer support from  an extensive Call Center networkToday, that is almost gone as technologies like VoIP and automation have made it easier for the entire restaurant to support customers.

In the following article, we will cover the important details for implementing  24/7 customer support service for your customers .

1. What is 24/7 customer support?

In the simplest terms, 24/7 customer support means that your customers will have live support whenever they need assistance. Businesses can implement this commitment in a number of ways:

But Yeu To Quan While Trien Khai Dich Vu HtkhThe concept of 24/7 customer support service

  • Cellular Support: Incoming calls are distributed to Agents in the service group.

  • Live chat support: Support staff fix issues that make it possible for customers to use the website or social media chat window.

  • Self-service support: Knowledge base articles, FAQs, and how-to videos help customers without face-to-face interaction.

  • Automated support: People solve problems using chatbots, interactive voice responses (IVRs), and other forms of automation.

There are many ways to provide 24/7 customer support. Combine support services for the ultimate customer experience and within your budget.

2. Why do businesses need to provide 24/7 customer support?

But Yeu To Quan While Trien Khai Dich Vu Htkh 1Why businesses need to provide 24/7 customer support

2.1 Meeting the growing expectations of customers

According to research from the CMO Council, 75% of customers say response time is the most important part of a great customer experience.

Unfortunately, allowing customers to access support anywhere, anytime seems like a very difficult thing to do, response time is one of the metrics most support teams fall short of. .

Not offering 24/7 support means you’re delivering a worse experience than your competitors. Today, customer experience is the decisive factor in retaining customers to use your products and services.

2.2 Reduce the workload of your support team

Using 24/7 customer support means that your team does n’t start each day with difficult customers and repetitive troubleshooting tickets, instead , with customer support services . 24/7 shifts your corporate culture from reactive to proactive. With fewer issues to deal with , dealers can focus on providing customer service great.

Additionally, by addressing issues as they arise , your support team can identify problems before they escalate. Some industries appreciate round- the -clock face-to-face support, such as healthcare and IT services. In addition, some contracts have suppliers or customers that stipulate that you provide a service that is available 24/7 .

2.3 Increase customer retention and increase sales

Similar tools used for 24/7 customer support can also improve  sales and entice potential abandoned users .

Potential buyers passing through your website will likely want to tell stories with your team regardless of business hours . Without support , you could lose a potential customer to competitor with their phone number.

3. Important factors for implementing 24/7 customer support service

With the strong development of technology, along with many different service providers and facilities , any business can now turn to unlimited user support . However, producing the ideal 24/7 user experience is more than just software.

But Yeu To Quan While Trien Khai Dich Vu Htkh 2Important factors for implementing 24/7 customer support service

3.1 Identify the actual needs of the customer

It is fact that not every business is required to support 24/7. Therefore, you must start by examining the needs of your business customers. Determine if adding more availability will improve user satisfaction . Research your phone number’s abandonment rate to confirm if it ‘s forced to scale or not?

There are two cases where you can not ignore 24/7 support service:

  • You create a global service: Customers expect aid while they’re at work. Providing local time zone support is essential . When you make calls outside of your local office, it ‘s a good sign that you’re ready for 24/7 support .
  • You create an essential service. If you are forced to access your service most of the time, then you have to support users around the clock. Your user support issues may require you to respond to urgent issues .

Besides these two scenarios, 24/7 support can be a competitive advantage The faster you can help your users , the more likely they will stay.

3.2 Use time zones and remote support teams to your advantage

Adding support staff from around the world gives you more ways to support customers Even small restaurants can achieve 24/7 coverage _

3.3 Balancing self -service and  real -time support

Your customers are unique both as individuals and how they want to interact with the support department .

A study by American Express indicates that over 60% of users prefer self -dedicated support for simple tasks . However, a third of buyers also report that the biggest frustration of the customer support department is the inability to reach a human.

It is impractical  and ineffective – to force most users to talk with live support . It is also harmful to put most people in an old and unup to date knowledge base .

So try to strike a balance between self – service options and real-time availability  . If you ca n’t invest in 24/7 call center or more live agents, you need to create more self – service options . For general inquiries , add an online request form to the customer.

3.4 Leveraging omnichannel contact center

Omnichannel Contact Center allows Agents to handle offers via phone, email, text and social media tools

Especially the system brings all your channels into one interface. The impact of this is huge . Customers should n’t be forced to repeat themselves no matter what method they use to contact your support team .

3.5 Monitor Support Indicators

Switching to 24/7 support should be uninterrupted . However, there is a chance that you will not live up to your expectations or something else will happen.

Measure key customer support metrics throughout the customer experience, such as:

  • Call response rate

  • Average processing time

  • Get self-service

  • Customer Satisfaction Score

Having a clear understanding of the metrics will help you with strategies and plans to tailor your support team thereby helping to improve the team ‘s productivity and efficiency as well as improve the performance of the team. The image of your business to customers .

Customers wo n’t wait until your working hours to get help – they’ll simply go to your competition. You only have to do a Google search once and you can lose the next sale. When you know the needs of your customers, you can apply 24/7 support to help customers  , partners and employees at any time .

Here is everything we want to share with you. Good luck!

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