Important benefits of Callbot for businesses 2022

In recent years, the customer service segment has witnessed the emergence of a new type of call service, which is Callbot , also known as Voicebot, a virtual consultant switchboard. So what is Callbot? What benefits does it bring to businesses? Let’s find out together in our article below!

1. What is Callbot?

“Call” means the communication channel through the phone and “Bot” refers to the ability to answer automatically and immediately. Callbot is a software program that is capable of understanding customer intent in natural language and giving context-sensitive responses.

Callbot For BusinessesThe concept of Callbot

Callbot is a virtual consultant solution that has the ability to chat with callers to understand and solve their problems automatically. You must have heard of Siri or Alexa, virtual assistants in smartphones. To put it simply, Callbot is like Siri, Alexa automatically picks up the phone to answer when customers call your business’s switchboard. And of course it can work 24/7, no complaints, and no vacations.

2. Important benefits of Callbot

Currently, Chatbot is still a popular method used by businesses. However, the biggest limitation is that when customers communicate by text channel, they will feel that they are not consulted visually, not close. Callbot can completely replace that experience with a voice channel, making customers feel consulted in a more specific, detailed and close way, something that Chatbot cannot do. In an era where customers always want to experience the best care, Callbot is increasingly promoting its benefits.

Callbot Callbot For Entrepreneurs 1Important benefits of Callbot

2.1 Working 24/7

Managing a large volume of calls not only consumes a lot of resources, but also puts pressure on agents. This will lead to a significant reduction in service quality and at the same time businesses have to face the constant layoff of call center staff. Automating routine calls will help businesses reduce costs and improve service quality. Callbot is designed to automate 24/7 routine calls that businesses want to maintain over the phone call channel. This will help businesses save human resources to focus on handling more complex problems. In addition, Callbot has no concept of holidays and holidays – the time when people tend to search for more information about products – helping businesses have more opportunities and not miss sales opportunities. customers as well as reach out to many customers.

2.2 Improve customer experience

Customers think that the waiting time to select the key and connect to the operator is too long. That is why they choose to look for other solutions to the problem they are facing. However, for Callbot, after a customer calls, Callbot will process the information and respond to the customer almost immediately. With a variety of scenarios installed into the system, Callbot can answer correctly with voice interaction like a human operator. Responding quickly to help customers feel more valued and increase their satisfaction is also the key to boosting sales and spreading the brand to more potential customers.

2.3 Make personalized calls

Callbot allows businesses to make customer care calls on a regular basis. With a variety of scenario options (Banking – Insurance, Retail, Real Estate, …) such as payment due dates, credit reminders, appointment reminders, announcements of important information , send thank you, happy birthday, appointment reminder, sales consultation, .. to each specific customer in large quantities without any errors. Personalized calls to each customer is also a method to help businesses improve customer satisfaction index (CSAT) and sales.

2.4 Saving operating costs for businesses

Operating a customer service center costs businesses a lot to organize, operate and maintain. Callbot appears as the optimal solution, it not only helps to minimize the costs that businesses have to pay but still improves work efficiency. With the ability to automatically call and respond to customers, Callbot can operate independently under the supervision of fewer people, instead of having to operate a system of dozens or even hundreds of people. In addition, the features of reporting, analyzing and extracting real-time data about customer care help businesses control quality and have plans and plans in the future.

Callbot Callbot For Businesses Ep 2Cost savings

2.5 Optimal human resource management

Unlike human employees, businesses will not have to deal with employees leaving without notice. The departure of an employee can change the customer care plan of the business, which in turn can affect other parts and plans of the business. In addition, the monitoring and management will cost businesses a lot of money, time and effort to maintain the quality of their customer care services. However, when using Callbot, businesses will not have to worry about employees not performing correctly, or not working during the hours, thereby focusing resources on more important tasks.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Callbot that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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