How to find foreign customers through online advertising?

In the current economic situation, it can be seen that the domestic market is gradually becoming saturated. If there is no way to find foreign customers to expand the market, the revenue will surely decrease. Especially, the increased competition among enterprises has caused the number of domestic customers to gradually shrink. The question is how to increase the customer base for the business to survive. That is thinking how to get foreign customers. To target the right audience that you are targeting, please see the most effective way to find foreign customers that Lokas sends in this article.

How to find foreign customers through Facebook ads


The way to find foreign customers is to participate in Facebook ads. There are many attractive features that other sites do not provide to help you post products, promote products to more people. By building the content and image you want to promote, let’s post it on this social networking site and target the right target, position, and audience. There will be a lot of customers from abroad interested in it when you post it. This is also a way to find foreign customers today, which is being applied by many people.

Build a website and start running google ads

The Internet is the trusted place for individual or business customers. Looking at the development of Vietnam’s internet, it is possible to understand the outstanding development of the internet of other advanced countries in the world.


Therefore, building the company’s website will be the way to find foreign customers that you should develop from this point on. Based on this, customers will know your company. They will then look to the products and services you offer. However, please pay attention to the language issue on it, because depending on the audience you are aiming for, you should choose the right language for it. For example, we can use English for common.

Once you have built the language, proceed to develop the company website. In addition to some product information, please leave information and address to contact. Please add some important partners if any to increase the competitiveness of the product. Your next job is to immediately find an expert in the field of Google advertising and hire them to help you promote your products more widely since then you have a way to find foreign customers.

Create an account on Google My Business

Surely creating an account on Google My Business will help your reputation be greatly increased in the eyes of customers. Especially the position that your business has is also raised to a new level. In this section we also need to provide some necessary information such as: Working time, phone number, website, products and services, business field, …


In this part, you should not let the language be Vietnamese, because our customers are foreigners. Please choose to set it as the language on your website.

Build SEO-standard Content

Owning a “majestic” online home but you do not know how to promote and exploit it, everything you do seems to become meaningless. Why? Because a website displays a full range of products, provides full information, but the amount of traffic is “flat”, it is not known when to find potential customers.


So how to attract a large number of visitors to your online store? That is, build real website content. With attractive SEO standard website content, full of useful information, regularly updated content every day, it is certain that soon you will find yourself a good number of “hard fans”.

If you do not have professional capacity in the field of Digital Marketing, please contact Lokas immediately, we will support you with all services in this field, help you find the most effective way to find foreign customers. .

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