How to Facebook advertising to the right audience for the real estate sector

To bring potential customers to the real estate sector, there will be many forms of advertising, but Facebook advertising is still the form chosen by many real estate companies. So how do Facebook ads bring quality customers to target? Please refer to the suggestions of Lokas through the article below!

How to effectively advertise Facebook for real estate:

Analyzing the right audience is how effective Facebook advertising is:

This is one of the important characteristics that real estate advertising experts Facebook Ads always focus on. The way Facebook advertising is highly effective is to target the right audience:

Customers often use mobile phones or tablets to access Facebook; when targeting advertising objects you can choose to own Iphone, Samsung; and expandable with different product lines. The best advice is to choose an iPhone.

Next, they will very often interact with articles such as: like, comment, share; … when there is a need or interest in the article when it is displayed. Therefore, you can choose the form of interactive post advertising, form filling or video ads, etc.

Gender:  For the real estate industry, you should target both men and women. However, usually men will be more interested in real estate (real estate), real estate.

Marital status:  Married or single

Age: In the past, when it comes to real estate, it is usually limited to the age of 30. But nowadays, young people in the age of 25 own a huge amount of wealth and have an interest in real estate as well. not a strange thing. Try to divide the audience within 25-60 and do A/B Testing, this is how Facebook advertising is applied by many people, you should try it!

Occupation: You should target entrepreneurs, office workers, shop owners, managers, artists, etc. Living and working in districts of the city center such as District 1, District 2, District 3… Depending on the project area, you have appropriate Facebook advertising ways to target potential customers.


Behavioral and interest analysis

One of the ways Facebook advertising is effective is that you need to analyze the preferences of the customer file when advertising Facebook. You can rely on the following characteristics:

  • First: File of people who like interior architecture and interior construction. These people will be interested in interior pages such as salons, refrigerators, kitchens, etc. or pages about interior design & construction, home decoration.
  • Second: They like and care about high-end, expensive products such as: high fashion; luxury cars, high-end watches, luxury wine, …
  • Third: They especially like to travel abroad, such as going to France, Singapore, USA, Italy, UK, Australia, etc.
  • Fourth: Investment, market research are indispensable characteristics. So if you run Facebook ads for real estate, you should target people who follow pages about real estate investment, real estate market…
  • Fifth: You can expand the customer file in other interests; for example, those who are interested in marketing, business, law, etc. However, be careful or you can dilute the customer file, which is costly and ineffective.


Seeding creates crowd effect

Usually with a valuable product such as real estate products, customers often have doubts about the safety, reliability and “competitiveness” of the product.

You try to analyze if a high-end home product is advertised, customers see the comments section no one is interested, and there are no interactions, then the customer will reflexively quickly skip the ad. without worrying about the information you just saw.


On the contrary, if customers feel that this project has too many interactions, comments are very interested. Customers will be curious why this project is so hot. Thanks to that, new customers are interested in the information and images you provide to learn more about that project. Therefore, it can be said that seeding is the most effective way to advertise Facebook, has the strongest influence on customers and has the LOWEST COST. You can seed Facebook by chatting, virtual commenting on posts to create beliefs and effects that attract customers to believe in the ads and products you are introducing.

Above are the ways Facebook ads bring efficiency to customers in the real estate field. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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