How to block ads on Facebook when spam is too much?

How to block ads on Facebook when you are constantly bothered by unnecessary impressions? The following article Lokas will guide you on how to effectively block ads on Facebook! Follow along with the article below to pocket the necessary experiences to help you have a better experience when using MXH!

Summary of ways to hide or block ads on Facebook:

Usually, when you want to turn off Facebook ads, you will go to Google and search for keywords like:

– Block ads on Facebook Google Chrome.

– Block ads on Facebook Android.

– Block ads on Facebook Messenger.

However, in this article, Lokas will guide you on the fastest and most convenient ways to block ads on Facebook, you can refer to.

Remove preferences on an account:

User preferences are Facebook’s primary concern when it comes to ad serving. A user account with many interests at the same time is certain that there will be many different product and service advertisements displayed on the newsletter.

To prevent Facebook ads from showing up too much in your newsletter, you can delete interests on your profile. To review all your interests and preferences during your use of Facebook, you can follow these steps:

Step 1:  Access Facebook => Select Settings & Privacy => Settings.

Step 2: Go to the Ads tab.


Step 3: Select Ad Settings => Select Categories to use to reach you.

Step 4:  Interest categories


Step 5:  Here you delete and remove the items that you want to turn off ads on Facebook.

Although this way of blocking ads on Facebook does not help you completely eliminate the advertising service on Facebook, it also helps you to partially block the number of ads that appear on the newsletter.

To turn off or block ads on Facebook by phone:

Step 1 : Log in to Facebook on your mobile device.

Step 2:  Select the 3-bar icon  (Menu)  at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3:  At  Settings & privacy  => Click  Settings.

Step 4:  Permissions  =>  Advertising options  => Choose  to hide ads on Facebook.


Block Facebook ads directly on feed:

In the process of surfing Facebook, if you do not feel like a particular ad. You can block this ad. By performing the following steps:

+ Step 1: Click on the 3-dot icon.

+ Step 2: Select Hide ads


Restrict public disclosure of personal information:

In addition to showing ads based on your interests, Facebook also relies on demographic information such as gender, age, user behavior, and web visit behavior to serve ads.

And of course your personal information is not missed by Facebook, so in order to limit the display of ads or in other words block ads on Facebook once or twice, you can delete those If you access Facebook with a mobile device, you should also turn off location location mode because Facebook also serves ads by geographical area.

You do the following steps:

Step 1:  At the interface  of advertising settings  =>  Categories used to reach you.

Step 2:  Turn off unnecessary personal information.

So you can completely turn off or block ads on Facebook with the simple instructions above. You will no longer be bothered by ads when using Facebook like before

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