How long does it take for SEO website content to rank to the top of Google?

“How long does it take for SEO to get to the top?” is a super common question of businesses  eager to know the answer when deciding to invest in SEO website. In fact, the time it takes for a website’s SEO to reach the top of Google depends on technical factors among other factors . Therefore, the average time to SEO keywords to the top of Google needs  from 4 to 8 months.

Factors affecting SEO website

In addition to preparing a large enough amount of keywords, the website SEO team also needs to deploy articles with SEO standard content and form to be  able to firmly compete with heavyweights to be ranked on the top rankings. Google. 


However, preparing keywords and writing standard SEO articles is not enough, the period of SEO website for keywords to climb to the top of Google also depends on other  objective aspects such as the level of  competition  of the keyword, the potential of the business, and the Google algorithm.

The potential of yourself and your opponent

Entering the race to climb to the top of Google, for successful SEO, you should  research and analyze your competition and competitors in the same industry, having the same set of keywords as you. SEO potential of businesses  is checked based on capabilities and resources, including: website maintenance system, force  for content, current quality of website (time, authority, traffic, ..) , SEO team capacity and investment budget for the campaign.

The level of keyword competition SEO Website

Keywords are the key of a website SEO project. The more competitors participate in Google ranking with keywords like you, the higher the  difficulty level of keywords. Therefore, the level of competition of the keyword you choose greatly   affects its ranking speed. .


And of course, for  keywords , the more competitors choose, the more time, cost and effort it takes to get to the top of Google. A small trick to reduce keyword difficulty for SEO is to use ‘keyphrases’ with medium length for keyword detail  and clarity.

Google Algorithm

Because you and your competitors are competing on Google’s ‘playground’ ,  the whole thing has to depend a lot  on Google’s ‘algorithm’. Google is scientific and technical machine . It monitors website SEO with complex algorithms. No one can  fully understand, in fact ,  most of what is in the algorithm and how it affects each website easily and quickly  .


Normally, when doing  website SEO, if the situation is going well, the high keyword ranking speed  can be in line with your expectations . However , sudden bursts of traffic  with a change in the Google algorithm are extremely likely  to mess up the expectations  you have made earlier.

How long does SEO website take to top Google?

Lokas scoured most websites and found that most of the businesses that rank on the first page of the top 10 in Google have an average site age of more than 3 years.

However, the determining factor of Google ranking is not only the age of the website. In fact, there are many websites that conquer the top 10 google faster than that. In more detail, the content started ranking by Google 1 month after publication and has increased in rankings for a number of keywords in the months since.


And our research found that nearly 6% of results are ranked less than a month after posting, an average of about 60-182 days. So, to get a higher rank is very rare, we can completely reach the goal sooner but may have to resort to tricks but the press is full of risks and good results do not last long. long.

Note that when a keyword is ranking at the top of the SEO website, it is a signal that other related keywords will also be considered for ranking. Another study showed that a page that earned the top position for a keyword would rank in the top 10 for any position 500-1000 additional keywords.

Professional website SEO services in Lokas

Website SEO services care about what users have , are and will type in the search bar  . Successful website SEO requires the SEO team not only to be  proficient in Google, but also to have a lot of real-world experience to understand customer psychology and behavior.

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What Lokas cherishes is the sustainable value and trust of customers. Absolutely do not  support with any suggestion related to circumvention or black hat SEO. Completely confident when looking back on the journey of more than 7 years of successful SEO campaigns for hundreds of partners. What will you get when you come to professional website SEO services in Lokas?

  • Detailed and clear SEO plan
  • 100% meet KPI, only receive fees when going to the Top
  • Ensure a high conversion rate, 5 times the revenue before implementing the SEO plan
  • Maintain monitoring and ready to assist whenever you need to improve website SEO ranking


A website or a new SEOer cannot make your website to the top of google overnight, this requires SEO skills as well as constantly improving knowledge about the website as well as website SEO. . Unsatisfactory speed requires a lot of time to build a website and also your patience

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