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How does the virtual PBX work?

A virtual PBX is a phone exchange used on a virtual network, just an internet connection or 3G or 4G can be used. Enterprises who want to understand the useful features of a virtual PBX must first understand how the virtual PBX operation process works? To be able to apply this system the company more effectively.

1. Distribute incoming calls

– To your business

+ Your customers contact you through a toll-free or internal phone number.

+ You will use your existing numbers or the numbers we give you.

+ Once a call is established, the Virtual PBX will work with a virtual receptionist instructing the customer to make the call.

– To the staff

+ If the customer knows the employee’s extension, they will be connected and called at any time.

– Go to backup support

2. Set up calls to anywhere

» Use any phone

– Callers will call the extension of the employee they want to meet.

– The caller will be on standby when the Virtual PBX calls the employee extension.

– When the employee picks up the phone, Virtual Pbx will connect the call for customers and employees.

» Use any phone number

– “Follow-me” allows each employee to use up to 4 phone numbers and calls will be routed to any type of phone.

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» Make calls from any location

– This is not a hardware service of PBX or VoIP, our system does not limit you to a fixed workspace. You can take calls from anywhere you want to work.

» Set up a virtual office

– You can even set up a “virtual office” and save on expenses like rent and utilities.

– Employees can use any phone they want and anywhere.

3. Working with voicemail

» Leave a voice message

– When a call comes to an employee that is not answered, the caller will leave a voicemail to notify.

” Get notifications

– Employees will be notified when they receive a voicemail or fax.

– Notifications will be received by email, on the web or text message to the phone, even delivered to the pager.

» Tracing messages

Messages are traced in 3 ways:

+ Email: voicemail messages with audio files (WAV) attached. Fax messages are attached as PDF files.

+ Web: Listen to or download any message from the web’s secure portal.

+ Phone: employees can call their extension to listen to voicemail at any time (or any mobile phone).

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