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Learn about Google Ads and how it works

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform by Google that allows individuals and businesses to purchase ads to display your products and services on the Google advertising platform. The goal of Google Ads advertising is to direct an ad viewer to…


Benefits for businesses when running google ads

Statistics show that about 81% of internet users access websites thanks to online search engines. In which, Google dominates with 89%, far ahead of many other tools. With its current position, Google has become an effective tool for businesses. Here are the benefits…


Experience of hiring Google ads for new businesses

Currently, the era of digital technology develops and most businesses own websites and carry out advertising campaigns to make their products/services more known to users. At that time, the fact that your website appears on any other Google website is that…


Google Ads advertising plan for Real Estate industry

Google Ads for Real Estate Industry is one of the indispensable marketing tools today. So how to use Google Ads both effectively and cost-effectively? Let’s find out with Lokas through the article below! Google Ads advertising plan for the real estate industry:…


How does GoogleAdsense and Google Ads work differently?

GoogleAdsense for publishers. If you own or manage a website, blog, or forum and want to monetize it, the Google AdSense program might be for you. Ads appear on your digital assets and you can earn revenue based on the number of people…

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