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Free blog website giveaway program – Celebrate Lokas “changing new clothes”

Welcoming the new interface of website, we especially give our partners, friends, brothers and sisters who are in the service business, trading in products a personal blog in the form of news (not integrated with order sales). product form).

  • Give the source code for the news blog with full management and handling rights.
  • Free premium hosting for 1 year from the date of handing over the blog (high-speed 3Gb storage is worth VND 780,000/year).
  • Domain name you buy by yourself according to your liking according to the instructions below or optionally choosing a unit, then point the nameserver to: / (Instructions: … )

To easily get a free blog website, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Buy a domain name and install information

Option 1: Buy at

Option 2: Buy at

Option 3: You find out and buy at your favorite unit or contact for support.

Then point the nameserver to: / (Instructions: … )

Step 2: Fill in the information below to receive a free blog website

Please fill in the information completely and correctly. We are committed not to use this information for advertising or spam, we use this information as the default content on your website, otherwise the above information is used to administer hosting and receive notifications of updates. importance of the website.

Step 3: Consult our available questions

1. Why do we give you free blog?

We give our customers a free blog on the occasion of Lokas “changing new clothes”. Hopefully, on this occasion, customers will have more new and unique experiences as well as have more good feelings of support service. Lokas also has new partners, new customers and fulfills the desire to be known to more people about the Lokas brand.

2. Want to buy Lokas domain name?

To buy a domain name and for more detailed information on the purchase procedure, please click on the link below!

3. How is the quality of the blog website donated by Lokas?

  • Clean code.
  • Custom designed interface.
  • Pagespeed Insight over 75 points.
  • Full admin interface.
  • Support SEO scoring right on the editor interface.
  • Website automatically submit index and index extremely fast.
  • Standard Schema Structure 2022.

4. How is the quality of Lokas Hosting?

  • SSD capacity: 3G
  • Addon Domain: 02
  • Sub Domain: 05
  • Database MySQL: 05

5. What is the full blog source code handover?

We will backup all website code and website database and send it to you via registered email, for you to store and use when needed.

6. What does this promotion include?

  • Lokas Company will give free Hosting for 1 year.
  • Free blog on the topic of your choice.
  • Standard SEO 2022.
  • Automatically submit index – super fast index.
  • Guidelines for writing standard SEO articles.
  • Schema standard web structure.
  • Guide to choosing niche keywords for fast SEO.
  • Quick SEO guide to Top.
  • Handing over the full blog source code.

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