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Features of professional virtual PBX for business

Virtual PBX is a familiar service and is used by many businesses today. If you are intending to find out what a virtual PBX service is as well as the benefits it brings, then our following sharing is the information you should not miss.

Let’s learn about the features of professional virtual PBX below!

1. Features of professional virtual PBX

Virtual PBX has many features that traditional PBX cannot have, along with it brings many benefits to businesses:

1.1 Call recording

The switchboard has a very useful call recording feature that a traditional PBX cannot have. Calls of customers or employees are recorded for free on the system.

The Essentials Of A Long Life CycleCall recording

The manager can listen back to the recorded call to check the employee’s working process, how to advise and learn the customer’s questions and requests to then improve the operation better.

1.2 Redirect calls to mobile phones

You can set it so that when an outside phone comes in, it will ring a certain phone line or forward all phone numbers. When a customer calls the main number but the line is busy, the call can be automatically transferred to any extension you set up.

The Ultimate Guide To Long Life 1Diverting calls

You can also divert calls to a mobile number when you are not at work or when your smartphone is not connected to the Internet.

1.3 Unlimited number of extensions

You can choose 1 number as the server and extend unlimited number of extensions for employees or branches. Usually when you sign up for user packages, you will be limited by the number of extensions that can be used in that plan.

The Ultimate Guide To Long Life 2Unlimited number of extensions

When you expand more branches or have more employees, you can easily upgrade the number of extensions. If you need to extend more extension numbers, you need to contact the virtual PBX service provider to pay an additional annual fee.

1.4 Call center for CRM

The virtual switchboard can connect to CRM software and store all customer information, call information to support CRM activities and customer care.

2. The benefits of using virtual switchboard translation

The biggest benefit when using a virtual PBX is saving on phone charges. The cost of making calls to a virtual PBX is quite cheap and is based on Internet charges. In addition, the cost of hardware installation, operation, and training to use a virtual PBX is also very cheap compared to a traditional PBX.

The Ultimate Guide To Long Life 3Benefits of virtual PBX

The following are the important benefits that a virtual PBX brings to businesses when using:

  • Save on phone charges.
  • Multiple branches can use the same PBX.
  • Make free internal or inter-branch calls.
  • Make unlimited calls to geolocation.
  • Easily upgrade the virtual PBX package according to development needs.
  • Businesses can keep the number when changing offices.
  • It is possible to set up greetings when guests answer the phone.
  • Calls can be forwarded to mobile numbers.
  • Easily change the configuration of the switchboard.
  • Connect with CRM software.

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