Facebook advertising service in Korea for Vietnamese people 2022

Facebook advertising service in Korea for Vietnamese businesses and individuals living and working in Korea is being interested by many expatriates in Korea. Have you found a reputable service provider yet? If not, let Lokas help you!

About Lokas:

Lokas is one of the companies providing Facebook advertising service in Korea for Vietnamese businesses in the “Land of Kim Chi”. Not only businesses but also Vietnamese individuals doing business in Korea can also use Lokas’ Facebook advertising service in Korea to reach potential customers and boost sales. Lokas specializes in providing services: website design, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, Tiktok ads,…
Not only providing Facebook advertising services in Korea, Lokas also expands the market for customers in other markets. Australia, Canada, USA, Cambodia, Malaysia, Taiwan … With the criterion of bringing about cost-effectiveness, Lokas always considers cost – interest – brand for businesses. All are evaluated by Lokas by the final report.


Why use Facebook advertising service in Korea?

You have a good product but you do not know how to let customers know about your product. You do not have expertise in advertising services in Australia, so you cannot know which marketing channels are effective? Up to now, Facebook is the most effective advertising channel. With Lokas support, it is no longer difficult for you to use Facebook advertising services in Korea to reach customers.

Meta, also known as Facebook, is the most used social networking application by Vietnamese people, used continuously every day, every hour. Seeing and feeling we can also see this, this is an application that many people use. So now many Vietnamese people use Facebook advertising services in Korea to sell online.


With a tumultuous year to the global Covid pandemic, Facebook has for many people become a communication channel to update news about the pandemic situation locally and globally. And in 2022, the war situation between Russia and Ukraine makes Facebook an indispensable means of updating information.

Those are the biggest reasons why the number of Facebook users increased rapidly at the end of the year compared to the beginning of 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. With a small population – approximately 52 million people, the total number of users of social networking applications in Korea accounts for 87%. According to the latest report on September 7 by DMC media and Digieco, an economic research institute affiliated with KT, Korea’s social media usage rate as of the first quarter of this year is more than 80% higher than the average. The global average is 49%.

With such a huge number of users, no marketer or business can ignore this communication channel.

We can see that due to the pandemic, many forms are turning around and gradually changing business forms into 4.0 technology. Especially products that are easy to pack and send abroad, such as cosmetics, are becoming more and more expensive in foreign markets.


With such a large number of potential customers, using Facebook ads in Korea to promote sales is what you should do. And not only focusing on exploiting customers on Facebook channel, Google search channel also gives you a source of extremely quality customers. Lokas’ Facebook advertising service in Korea will help you exploit multi-channel customers quickly and effectively with the most economical cost.

Why should you use Lokas advertising service?

Professional team: Lokas has more than 7 years of experience in the field from consulting plans to implementing systems for businesses.

Overall service: Lokas fully deploys services belonging to Digital Marketing for business customers – All in One Solution For Business.

Non-stop innovation: Always learn and analyze the market in different stages and come up with the most breakthrough ideas for customers’ businesses.

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