Facebook advertising service for nail salons abroad for Vietnamese people

Reasons you should use Facebook nail salon advertising service:

  • Up to 90% of current Nails stores use Facebook advertising services for Nail salons , even very crowded ones. Although it is using the Facebook advertising service of Nail salons, there is one problem that all successful Nails salons apply but not everyone knows, which is “the more customers, the stronger the advertisement”. If at this point you have not started learning about Facebook advertising services for Nail salons, be careful where you are. If you are not pioneering, the possibility will be blurred by other salons when they start using the Nail salon Facebook advertising service!
  • Strengthen your salon’s competition compared to neighboring Nail shops: Nail salon Facebook advertising service is a means to reach new potential customers and take care of old customers. If there is no Facebook advertising service for Nail salon, then it is very likely that your customers will see the ads of other salons and you will lose customers. Absolutely do not let this situation happen to your salon!


Effective nail salon Facebook advertising strategy:

Discounts and Holidays:

The big holidays are the times when people in the US, UK or Australia and Canada go out a lot. And people who go out always have a need for beauty, so promotions on these holidays, in order to attract customers to visit your Nail salon more. According to the news of the New York Times, using Facebook advertising service at Nail salons on holidays can increase sales by 2 to 4 times compared to the time of non-promotion. So the holiday or year-end discount promotion program is one of the effective nail salon marketing methods applied by many salon owners in the US, UK or Australia.


Discounts when customers go in groups.

Customers who have a hobby of beauty or have a habit of introducing and inviting each other to go to beauty. To take full advantage of that opportunity, nail salon owners should use the nail salon Facebook advertising service to apply a discount program for customers traveling in groups. That will help the salon attract more groups of customers. If you have a stable customer base, offering promotions when customers go in groups will help you attract many old customers as well as find many new customers. The Facebook advertising service strategy of Nail salons, eyelash extensions in the US, UK, Australia is applied by many nail salon owners, and it is highly effective at night.


Create membership card, accumulate points

Accumulating points and making membership cards are applied by many nail salon owners abroad. This is an extremely effective way to market nail salons abroad. Signing up for membership and earning points gives customers a sense of importance, and benefits them. From there, they will love the shop more and become loyal customers of the shop. Creating loyal customers makes it easier for nail salons to sell more services. This is an extremely effective way to use Facebook nail salon advertising services.

Bringing self-convenience to customers

In the era of 4.0 technology development, most customers will have a habit of making online purchase appointments simply because it is convenient and fast. No need to hold a paper loyalty card or call to book an appointment on the phone, ask for directions, ask for information about the store, pay in cash. They like to order online appointments, pay online, learn information about the shop quickly. That is why overseas nail salon owners should build their own website or optimize online appointment booking tools on social media channels such as (Yelp, Facebook, Istagram, Google Business). This is an extremely simple and effective way to market nail salons abroad.

Above are detailed information as well as strategies you should implement when using Facebook advertising services for Nail salons abroad. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Overseas Vietnamese who want to use Facebook nail salon advertising services, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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