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Facebook advertising abroad is an effective method to promote Vietnamese products. Because Facebook is the most used social network in the world. While Facebook ads have certain relevance, the basic elements of Facebook Ads can vary from country to country. So you need an advertising expert like Lokas to achieve your goal.

Why do so many people choose to sell through the international market?


In fact, the trend of   cross-border trade or  otherwise known as  making money online  (MMO – Make Money Online) has emerged in the period 2012 – 2014 with many  new business forms . The form of overseas facebook advertising is applied in Vietnam to  sell  to  customers  in   European and American countries .

The  European – American  market has many  advantages to apply   MMO models for  sellers in  Vietnam as follows:

  • Firstly , the infrastructure and technology in  the European – American market is very developed. That is the advantage for Facebook advertising to promote its advantages because it requires quite high   technology  factors , connecting  and synchronizing data for sellers to capture timely information and measure  sales efficiency . In  the  Chinese  market or European  -American countries,  it  was soon perfected to develop  these models.
  • Second,  spending on online purchases is high  in the  European – American market, which has great potential in terms of users’ purchasing power. In the US market alone   , data from Statista (October 2018) shows that  e- commerce retail sales have   reached more than $504 billion. Spending  on  online shopping is estimated at at least $2,144 per person. It can be  seen  that  European – American  customers have very high spending  levels on online shopping,  creating a  potential  consumer group for  cross-border sellers .


  • Third, the online payment marketplace   is also growing strongly here,  meeting the elements  of   safe  payment , so consumers  are willing to  pay  before shopping. The  online payment method  helps to reduce the possibility of  product cancellations , refusals to receive goods, returns, and limits the  dangers  for cross-border sellers. Despite  having many  advantages, Vietnamese people often face many  difficulties . difficult  when  selling  across borders for  the above-  mentioned marketplaces .

Facebook advertising abroad to reach consumers

Foreign consumers often have a habit of word-of-mouth shopping on community networks. Before deciding to buy a certain product, do they often go to groups on Facebook to learn about the product? It is the honest  and  supportive  sharing   of  foreign society that is the first  key   you  can  touch and meet  your own consumers  . Thanks to that behavior, sellers can create quality overseas Facebook ads to convince buyers.


Besides, you can based on geographical location. You can really  easily and simply  make a list of  the places your customers visit and where they live . For example, in Taiwan streets or tourist centers, or places where many Vietnamese people live and work. From what factors  do you  easily target them with overseas facebook ads .

The third factor is based on the behavior and habits of customers . For example, advertising on facebook abroad by grouping foreign guests or  waiting at bus stops,  you can . As for the  group of  people living in Vietnam, they are very  careful about  their health,  the profession  is usually a teacher, often  on weekends or go to beer clubs  , these  behaviors help you find them  easily .

So through the method of facebook advertising abroad, you have gained a large number of potential customers for yourself, right? There are many more attractive forms, you can visit our Lokas catalog for more details. If you have any questions that need to be answered, please leave your information and our consulting team will assist you as soon as possible.

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