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Evoice Marketing is the perfect solution for businesses

Evoice marketing is considered as a new advertising method that is effective and impressive for users. So what is evoice marketing and the benefits of using it, please refer to the article below.

What is Evoice Marketing?

Evoice Marketing is first and foremost one of the new and unique promotional strategies that bring impressive results. This is a form of voice marketing instead of through images or other methods. It is also possible to cover this trend in a more understandable way: manufacturers, businesses, and brands will use sound through communication channels, phone systems / switchboards to introduce and advise. or customer service.

 Why use Evoice marketing?

Imagine if you were given the task of having to call up a data of 2000 customers to advertise your business’ services. And then you have to spend several days in a row to call each person, some people don’t pick up, some people don’t have needs, some people complain, etc., but the situation is not very good. While you are taking care of customers who have not yet found potential, the ways in which the goods in need on the list have not been called have been contacted by others. In this age of technology, having to do everything manually is annoying, so using evoice marketing is a perfect solution.

Evoice Marketing

So what effect does Evoice Marketing bring to businesses?

  • Increase sales revenue
    • Reach customers quickly and efficiently with automated tools.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
    • Online and Automated system, no investment required.
  • Reduce Telesales staff
    • Automated outgoing calling system, only need a sufficient number of Telesales to receive calls when there is a need to connect with a customer’s consultant.
  • Improve Customer Service
    • The automated system can set up a simultaneous call campaign to thousands of different phone numbers with the same quality and content.
  • Search for potential customers
    • Once you have a database, the Voice Marketing system is like a smart robot looking for potential customers for your business.
  • Reduce management costs
    • No need to manage hundreds of Telesales employees, now you only have to manage 10-20 employees to receive calls when customers really have a need.
  • Increase communication channels for businesses
    • In addition to the traditional channels, your business has more effective marketing channels.
  • Advantages of Management and Statistics
    • Easily evaluate the effectiveness of Marketing and increase business efficiency.

With excellent features and optimal benefits as above, eVoice is a marketing tool that any business needs. With eVoice, you will quickly filter out potential customers, taking care of them to convert into actual customers.

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