Do’s and Don’ts in email marketing advertising you should know

Email marketing advertising is a very familiar term in recent years. This is one of the most effective forms of marketing and helps businesses save maximum costs. Email marketing advertising is understood as an advertising service via email, or email marketing for short.

Email marketing advertising is used to reach customers and promote your brand, but that doesn’t mean you spam your customers’ emails. They are completely different because your destination is a file of customers interested in company services and wishing to receive information from your business. Specifically:

  • For email marketing , customers already know the business and agree to join the sender’s email list. As for Email Spam, most of these customers have never known you, this situation is common in businesses that buy data.
  • Email marketing advertising will send mail to each customer according to a specific plan and schedule and bring certain value to the recipient without just focusing on buying and selling products. Meanwhile, Spam Email obtains customer information through online collection or data purchase, so the email sent is much but not effective.


In email marketing advertising should and should not do?

The principles should be:

  • Please respect and keep absolute confidentiality of customer information. You are absolutely not allowed to use them for any other commercial purpose.
  • In addition to purchasing, customers also need to receive customer benefits to increase conversion value. For example: ebook, voucher, information supply, etc.
  • Regularly update and refresh your email list. Regularly remove customer information that is less interactive and is no longer interested in the service of the business.
  • It is advisable to classify each group of customers according to specific data such as: new customers – old customers, age – gender – region, … field – industry. From there, businesses can control a quality email list and increase the ability to convert sales later.


In email marketing ads should not:

  • Ideally, businesses should not collect customer data available on websites. Because these email data sources are very poor quality, even virtual mail or users they have abandoned and no longer use those emails.
  • When sending email marketing ads to customers, you need to get their consent before importing them into the email client file. This is how you respect your customers, which is also what you should do if you don’t want your customers to see your email as spam.
  • Don’t promise customers you’ll give them gifts or great deals after filling out an email but don’t deliver. This is an absolute taboo, thus deceiving customers.
  • Do not use email lists through exchange. Or shared with a certain 3rd party.
  • Don’t build email data by handwritten notes or on customer business cards. This method is both inefficient and time consuming.


Reasons why email marketing is not effective:

The content is not suitable for the target audience

In email marketing advertising, the first thing that attracts customers is the subject line. The email subject is the most important part, because it arouses curiosity and stimulates the recipient to open the email. Therefore, in Email Marketing, you need to prepare some attractive content for customers to see all the information you want to convey.

Improper email collection

The business does not regularly refresh the email list will lead to the list data sent to the wrong audience. This will cause your emails to be bad rated and blacklisted, and those messages will go to spam.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of email marketing. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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