Details of the latest Facebook payment thresholds in 2022

Billing thresholds aka Facebook payment thresholds . When you run ads on Facebook, the cost of the ads will accrue. According to Facebook: Facebook payment thresholds are the amount you can spend on ads before Facebook charges you.

What are the Facebook payment thresholds?

Every time your ad costs reach your billing threshold, Facebook will charge you for that amount. Facebook payment thresholds determine when you’re charged for ads based on how much you spend.

When you start advertising on Facebook for the first time, your billing threshold is automatically set to a small amount. When you make a successful payment, the balance is cleared. This billing threshold will increase until your account reaches the final threshold.


Facebook payment thresholds you should know well:

When you run ads on Facebook, your account will be billed whether or not you have a billing threshold.

If you have Facebook billing thresholds, your account will be charged when you reach your billing threshold and at the end of the month. You will still be charged for the ads until you turn them off. Let’s find out the details of Facebook Ads payment thresholds:


Location Currency unit Payment methods Is it possible to set an invoice threshold? Billing threshold When can an invoice be made?
USA United States Dollar (USD) Debit card, credit card or PayPal Have $25, $50, $250, $500, $750… When you hit each billing threshold and at the end of the month
Vietnam Vietnam Dong (VND) Debit card, credit card or PayPal Have 50,000 won 

70,000 won

110,000 won

160,000 won

340,000 won

550,000 won

1,100,000 won

2,800,000 won

4,000,000 VND

5,500,000 won

9,000,000 VND

14,000,000 VND

20,000,000 VND

When you hit each billing threshold and at the end of the month

Can Facebook payment thresholds be raised or lowered?

The answer is that you can change the payment thresholds of Facebook. Detail:

  • Go to the Billing section in Ads Manager.
  • Click Payment Settings.
  • Click Manage.
  • In the window that appears, you’ll see the current invoicing threshold and the option to change it. Enter the new amount you want to set for the Facebook payment thresholds.
  • Click Change threshold.


What to keep in mind when changing the payment threshold?

If you lower your billing threshold, the change will take effect immediately. But if you increase your billing threshold, for some reason, it may take time for the changes to take effect.

The first reason is because Facebook payment thresholds work by charging your ad account every time you reach an existing threshold. Once you’ve reached the threshold and Facebook’s system is able to successfully charge your account and receive payment, your threshold may increase.

However, it may take a few successful payments at your current threshold for Facebook to raise your Facebook payment thresholds back for you. The second reason is because it’s possible that your increase request needs to be reviewed and approved.


In that process, your request may or may not be approved. If it’s not approved, you can try to increase your billing threshold again at another time or file an appeal.

Above are detailed information about Facebook payment thresholds that you should know to be able to run Facebook ads effectively. Because if you do not pay the threshold in time, you will be delayed the threshold and affect the quality of your account.

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