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Compare virtual PBX and traditional PBX?

Most businesses today, are shifting from traditional PBXs to using virtual PBX . Why is that? What advantages does a virtual PBX have over a traditional PBX that so many people choose? If you want to know, check out the article below!

What is a traditional PBX?

A traditional switchboard, also known as an Analog switchboard, runs on a copper cable platform, pulled from electrical cabinets / poles to the company office. Each number can only receive 1 call out or receive at a time and when changing the office address, the company’s hotline number may be lost. International and branch calls when using Analog PBX are charged and cannot be made without a dedicated card for the phone. The most noticeable feature of this switchboard is that it only uses desk phones and always has a cord. To expand the functions of an Analog PBX, we need a lot of effort to set up the hardware, buy a lot of different cards, have to run wires for each extension and the implementation is extremely complicated.

What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX is a phone service based on IP network. You only need to use only 1 phone installed on the internal LAN at the company without having to be equipped with a “massive” PBX system like before. Virtual PBX allows you to listen to customer calls by phone number.

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Compare virtual PBX and traditional PBX

Comparison table of virtual PBX and traditional PBX

Currently, many businesses find it difficult to build a complete and effective customer care system for many reasons. The first challenge is on the budget. On average, a traditional switchboard costs businesses from 10 to 300 million. Including: cost of buying new equipment, installation. During the operation of the system requires upgrading, maintenance and repair. And must have administrative staff. Let’s compare  virtual PBX with traditional PBX.  You will find significant conveniences.

Free switchboard equipment. Expenses for purchasing hardware systems (switchboard equipment: Switching equipment, Server, Software, etc.) Along with setup and installation costs.
There is no cost to repair or replace damaged equipment. Loss of cost for repair and replacement of equipment damage.
Everything will be handled by VPBX. No charge to customers. Losing the cost of renting and maintaining the extension switchboard as well as the internal network and billing system.
No need for a dedicated system administrator. All features for subscribers in the group will be assumed by the VPBX virtual switchboard. Need a dedicated system administrator or hire workers. When you want to change the features of the switchboard or extension.
No need to invest in setting up autoresponders yourself. Instructions for dialing to extensions, voicemail. Need a dedicated system administrator or hire a staff. When you want to change the features of the switchboard or extension…
Don’t care to invest in backup power when there is a power failure. It is possible to lose contact or invest in backup power when there is a power outage.
Calls are pushed to employees’ mobile phones to listen and answer anytime, anywhere. Employees always have to sit at the office to listen and answer.


With outstanding advantages compared to traditional PBX, we believe that virtual PBX is the most optimal solution for your business.

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