So Sanh Sms Marketing Va Email Marketing

Compare the highlights between SMS marketing and Email marketing

Are you wondering whether to use SMS Marketing or Email Marketing ? The following article  will help you compare the highlights between sms marketing and email marketing  to give an overview for you to apply most effectively in your marketing campaign.

Common advantages of SMS marketing and Email marketing

  • Cheaper
  • Reach quickly, directly with each customer
  • Interactive

Unique advantages of Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

  • SMS Marketing – The effectiveness of reaching customers

Both are promotional, but SMS Marketing brings a higher customer reach rate than Email Marketing. For example: You send 1000 SMS messages, there will be 999 people who open the message and read, but vice versa when you send 1000 mails to the inbox, even 1000 and even if your message header stimulates readers to open mail, the highest rate we can expect is 70%.

  • Email Marketing – Effectively save the brand in the customer’s mind

SMS Marketing can elevate a brand quickly because its frequency is higher than Email, but in the long run, Email Marketing will create a deeper impact in the customer’s mind.  Because it can convey more information than the limited number of characters of SMS Marketing. In addition, “a hundred hearing is not equal to one seeing” – images are the strong point of Email because we can attach images of products and services, etc. to the message content, which software sends SMS messages in bulk. can not have.

Compare Sms Marketing And Email Marketing 1
Email Marketing – Effectively save the brand in the customer’s mind

Should you use SMS marketing or email marketing?

The answer that  Lokas recommends is to combine both of these forms of marketing in your business. Because:

Use SMS marketing to increase the performance of your Email marketing campaign

For example, if you send a reminder SMS to a customer after you complete an email marketing campaign, notify them that they have just received an email with useful, interesting, or important information from you. For details please check your email. This tactic should be applied to customers who are on your unopened mailing list.

For customers who have opened the message, but haven’t interacted yet, you can still remind them to interact to receive the benefits of the information contained in email marketing.

Compare Sms Marketing And Email Marketing 2

Use Email marketing channel to support SMS marketing and vice versa

Once you have a list of customers who interact with you regularly, implementing the following tactics will make them feel interesting and bring benefits to your business. Try with the concept: “the more active you are, the more you get”.

Send a call-to-action email marketing campaign with the content: reply email to receive a message with a special promotion code, discount just for you (remember, there must be a special discount for that customer) ).

Send message with call-to-action with content: reply to message with email address to receive free materials (Catalog, ebook, textbook, magazine..etc.) via customer’s email.

Send email with content inviting customers to subscribe to receive news via SMS channel.


Applying both of these forms in your business will help your marketing activities be more effective.

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