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What is a virtual PBX? Benefits that virtual PBX brings

With the strong development of technology, the virtual PBX system was born, giving businesses many benefits when it saves costs and brings a lot of convenience during use. So what is a virtual PBX? What are the benefits of a virtual PBX for businesses? Let’s…

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Features of professional virtual PBX for business

Virtual PBX is a familiar service and is used by many businesses today. If you are intending to find out what a virtual PBX service is as well as the benefits it brings, then our following sharing is the information you…

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Why your business should register a virtual PBX

Register a virtual PBX is one of the new directions. This is considered the key to the success of today’s businesses. As the age of technology advances dramatically. The integration of the Internet into the business process is a completely new trend. Traditional switchboards…

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6 differences between Call Center and Contact Center

Call Center and Contact Center are two terms that are used interchangeably by many people. But few consumers can identify the difference between Call Center and Contact Center is used to change business purpose and provide different customer experience, so let’s look at these…

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Should businesses hire a virtual PBX service or build themselves?

Virtual PBX is gradually replacing the old analog PBX systems by technology, features as well as high flexibility, to meet all needs of enterprises. However, a question arises: Should businesses hire a virtual PBX service or build themselves ? If you are also having…

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Virtual PBX solution for companies with many branches

For companies with many branches, the installation Virtual PBX solution for companieswith many branches  is very important and necessary to serve the business operations more smoothly and professionally. Therefore, at present, the number of companies with many branches has an increasing need…

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Factors affecting the cost of using a virtual PBX

Virtual PBX service has been increasingly popular in businesses. There are many system providers, but each provider offers a different service price for this solution, so what factors will affect the cost of using a virtual PBX  as well as you? What investment…

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