A guide to running ads on social networking platforms in 2022

Today, with the trend of competition and market expansion, running ads multi-channel advertising is a must for businesses to adapt if they do not want to be stagnated. And social networking platforms are one of the places to run ads with high efficiency. So what are the conditions for running ads on social networking platforms? In this article, Lokas will introduce you to two advertising platforms, Tiktok and Zalo OA! Please follow the article below!

Conditions to run ads on Tiktok:

Before running ads on TikTok, you need to prepare the following steps.

1. Create an account to run Tik Tok ads

An ad account is the minimum requirement for effective advertising and tracking on Tik Tok. We have 2 types of accounts: Self-serve and Agency.

You can easily register by clicking the link:

In case the link is blocked by IP, or you do not know what to do, please contact Lokas for support!


2. Register for international payment card

Currently, Tik Tok’s only advertising payment method is through international payment cards.

You need to prepare Visa/Mastercard or JCB card (Debit or Credit cards are fine).

3. Top up your TikTok Ads account

In fact, you can make a deposit during the ad setup.

But there is a high chance that the money will not go into the ad account immediately, sometimes it can take up to 3 days.

So normally I would top up my Tik Tok Ads account before starting the campaign.

I will leave a link with detailed instructions on how to top up my account and pay for Tik Tok ads right below.

4. Attach Tracking Pixel on Website

TikTok ads don’t require Pixels.

However, if you want to check how many people visit the web through Tik Tok ads, or create a custom audience file to run remarketing, then installing Pixel is required.

Installing Pixel Tik Tok is simply attaching a piece of HTML code (Provided by Tik Tok) below the Head tag of the Website.

Find out detailed instructions on how to get the code and install Pixel TikTok in the article here.

5. Promotional video

Usually shop owners or business owners with a moderate advertising budget, the TikTok In – Feed ad format is the most suitable. To run this type of ad requires a video to introduce products and services.

TikTok In – Feed does not advertise videos directly on the channel, but you need to upload the video during the setup process. Promotional video will deliver on scroll. Users who see your ad can click the Call To Action button to go to your landing page.

Conditions for running ads on Zalo:

Just satisfy the following 2 conditions; You can start advertising campaign on Zalo right away.

Zalo Official Account 

Zalo Official Account (Zalo OA) has the same function as a fanpage on Facebook. You can therefore:

  • Delegating administrator, editor…
  • Use Zalo OA to message directly with customers who are interested in products and services of your business

Visa/Mastercard/Bank ATM account

To be able to pay the cost of running ads on Zalo, you need a Visa/Mastercard to be allowed to make transactions.


Instructions for creating ads Zalo Ads

Step 1: Register/Login Zalo account

Go to

Then choose 1 of 2 ways to log in:

  • Login with phone number and password
  • Login with QR code

Step 2: Set up ads

Click “Create Ad”. Then, choose the form of advertising that suits the needs and desires of your business.


Step 3: Select the target audience for the ad 

Here are the factors that need to be selected for your target customers:

  • Location: This is the area where you make your ad. Currently, Zalo allows users to select or drop pins up to 5 locations within a 500km radius. If you do not select, Zalo will default to all areas.
  • Gender: Male or Female depending on your target audience
  • Platform: The operating system you desire. In Vietnam, you can choose the two most popular operating systems, Android and iOS.
  • Age: What age range of potential customers do you want to target? According to DNX Agency’s experience, you should only choose the lower limit and leave the upper limit blank. Thus, it will save more advertising costs and distribute to a wider audience.

Step 4: Set advertising cost and time

Businesses can choose when to run ads for their products. Besides, you also need to set the appropriate cost per click on the ad.


  • The cost of each ad click should be higher than Zalo’s recommendation
  • You should choose to click on a daily basis for easy tracking and statistics
  • Total clicks for the day multiplied by the cost of each click must be less than the amount in the account.

Step 5: Prepare the content 

You will need to write a description that does not exceed 52 characters and includes the necessary information about the advertising campaign.

Step 6: Save the campaign and wait for approval

After completing the above steps, you can immediately send it to Zalo to be censored. Once the ad has been reviewed, it will begin to be shown to the users you selected in the target audience section. However, if your ad is not approved. Do not worry! Zalo will also include a reason for the rejection so you can fix it immediately.

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