Sai lầm khi quảng cáo Google Adwords

7 mistakes when advertising Google Adwords you need to know

More and more organizations are using Google Adwords advertising to maximize business profits over the Internet. With this type of PPC, you can run or hire Google Adwords advertising services. In this article, we would like to talk about 7 mistakes when advertising Google Adwords that you often make when running ad campaigns yourself.

7 mistakes when advertising Google Adwords

Wrong When Qc Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords

1. Too many keywords

Be careful when you do keyword research. Running ads is not simply “choosing” the keywords that Google shows you. The more keywords you run, the more money you lose. As a result, your Google Adwords campaign is not as effective as you expected.

2. Misconceptions in choosing keywords

Before you start implementing your Adwords campaign, think about what you are offering, what are your goals, and who are your customers?

To start advertising, you have to carefully study your keywords, don’t choose them haphazardly and then show them to customers, but then you only lose money without gaining anything, you must understand the success of advertising services. Google that is choosing keywords, if wrong, all your campaigns will be completely failed.

Never use generic, broad or short keywords, but use keywords that are right for the service or product you provide and add accompanying content to reduce the level of competition. painting. Therefore, choose more detailed keywords yourself, for example, “sales web design”, instead of “web design”.

3. Don’t use negative keywords

When researching keywords for “playing” Adwords, many people forget to use additional negative keywords. Simply because: Your ad won’t show with negative keywords.

Always add negative keywords, including:

  • Company Name: It is not necessary to show ads to your regular customers.
  • Your competitors: If customers search for a specific company, they won’t click on your ad.
  • Keywords that are not likely to convert: Avoid using keywords like “free”, “reviews”.

4. Don’t make your ads more complicated

Hãy giữ nó thật đơn giản để tăng chuyển đổi của bạn, làm cho quảng cáo của bạn rõ ràng dễ dàng để hiểu chính xác hơn, bạn sẽ nhận được sự quan tâm của khách hàng đối với một hoặc hai giây tiếp theo. Ví dụ đơn giản của quảng cáo cho từ khóa “lắc tay” đừng hiển thị url quá dài hãy để ngay trang có nhiều sản phẩm lắc tay hoặc thậm chí là trang đích của bạn.

5. No keywords in the ad content

This is the mistake that a lot of you make because after choosing the best keyword, or “forgetting” to insert it in the ad content, it is very detrimental to attracting users.

For example, users when searching for “sales website design” are most likely not to click on your ad if the displayed content does not contain this keyword when you insert keywords in the content to help increase quality score and rankings. ads higher and for the same time helps Google return relevant results more accurately.

6. Wrong Landing Page

99% of Google Adwords advertisers think that just optimizing the ad well will make the campaign successful. A serious mistake is to ignore the importance of the landing page – Lading Page – the Web page that users will be “directed to” after clicking on your ad. The best landing page should be relevant to your ad’s content.

Wrong When Qc Google Adwords 1Landing page

 7. Misleading advertisement

When you overcomplicate your ads it can happen that at worst make it inappropriate, or worse, mislead your ads, that’s why your ads should be relevant. With a landing page, if you have a lot of URLs going around, your potential customers won’t trust you, and the money you’re spending on advertising is – well – a complete waste of your money.

If you are advertising a specific product and you have used the right keywords that are searched by customers, then linking your ad to the landing page of that specific product will lead to higher conversions with customers are willing to buy

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