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6 differences between Call Center and Contact Center

Call Center and Contact Center are two terms that are used interchangeably by many people. But few consumers can identify the difference between Call Center and Contact Center is used to change business purpose and provide different customer experience, so let’s look at these two different models. how about each other!

1. Concept of Call Center and Contact Center

Before going into the details of the differences, let’s go into their concept first.

1.1 What is Call Center?

Call Center ( Call Center ) is simply understood as a place where employees who answer the phone or wear headsets with microphones sit next to the computer to make or answer calls from customers.

6 Call Center And Contact Center Call Center And Contact CenterConcept of Call Center

By definition, Call Center is understood as a customer care center of an organization or business that specializes in receiving a large number of incoming and outgoing calls. Each Call Center office is equipped with a computer system and certain human resources to handle a large enough number of calls at a time.

In the past, Call Centers were usually able to cover all the needs of most companies. However, with the advent of the Internet and digital media, Contact Center is becoming more and more a popular option chosen by many businesses.

1.2 What is Contact Center?

Contact Center was born with the desire to reach customers in all aspects, through all communication channels smoothly, anytime, anywhere. If the Call Center system only focuses on handling phone calls, the Contact Center is considered a higher level of the Call Center model.

6 Call Center And Contact Center 1Concept of Contact Center

Increasingly, consumers expect their businesses to be present on several channels and provide consistent service that qualifies the aggregation of different channels. Contact Center helps connect customers with customer care staff of the business through many different communication channels such as phone, switchboard, email, SMS, social network…

In addition, all of these channels are part of the same integrated system, so while customers can choose to communicate according to their preferences, they can also switch to a new channel without doing anything. service interruption. Contact Center creates a consistent brand image, no matter where a conversation begins or ends.

2. 6 differences between Call Center and Contact Center

2.1 Customer communication channel

As the concept above, the first difference between Call Center and Contact Center is the customer service channels. Call Center agents primarily communicate by phone, while Contact Center services can include text, webchat, video chat, social media, email and more.

2.2 OmniChannel Queue Management (Multi-Channel Sales Model)

A Call center system requires a single solution to manage incoming conversations, as all conversations take place over the phone channel only. However, in a contact center system, even though you provide support across multiple channels, you still need one tool to handle all conversations.

6 Call Center And Contact Center 2Omnichannel

A Contact Center software that uses Omnichannel queue management to manage incoming conversations through all channels. This allows every incoming request to be viewed from a single platform, allowing administrators to easily distribute work across the team. Similarly, agents can use a single solution to manage their workloads across all channels.

2.3 Proactive and predictive customer service

Contact Center with new tools and analytics, customer service that can go beyond answering incoming inquiries, viewing buyer behavior makes it possible to reach and answer questions even before when a call comes in.

While this can be done in Call Center, it doesn’t work very well in practice. Outgoing messages from Call Center agents are sent over the phone, but the customer may not use the phone frequently. In addition, cell phone users are increasingly wary of answering unknown numbers, so outside voice calls are often ineffective.

Contact Center solutions allow customers to choose how they want to stay in touch, making proactive communication an effective way to reduce costs and improve intimacy.

2.4 Self-service capabilities

“Today’s customers will find smart solutions to them”

In Contact Centers, you have the option to embed the chatbot in a self-service portal, customers looking for a solution article but can’t find the answer themselves, they can quickly raise an issue with the chatbot.

6 Call Center And Contact Center 3Capable of self-service

In case the chatbot cannot solve the problem, an agent can follow up and provide a solution. Customers can still have a seamless experience because the agent has prior knowledge of the issue recorded as a ticket or recorded as a chat in the Contact Center software.

On the other hand, Call Centers now offer self-service through IVR, which is often a time consuming process. Also, getting in touch with an agent is not easy as there are still long hours of waiting.

2.5 Synchronize the customer’s clock

Call Center can only get customer information through incoming and outgoing calls, while Contact Center translates customer data from all channels into a single customer view that businesses use to deliver. predict or recommend new products. Customer engagement is different on each channel, so with more channels comes more data.

2.6 Synchronizing customer care methods

Call Center’s focus is on the phone channel. This means that any customer data is collected primarily from phone conversations with customers. So the Call Center software may not paint the whole picture of the customer process or tell you anything about the experience you are providing.

However, the Contact Center software has an archive of data aggregated from the channels. You can also integrate your contact center software with your CRM software and get a synchronized view of your customers. Since all your support channels are plugged into one platform, you can get an overview of your customers.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information we have learned about the difference between Call Center and Contac Center. Good luck!

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