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5 things you need to know for successful content marketing

Based on recent research of content marketing, content marketing is becoming more popular with over 35 percent of North American companies adopting some form of it. Of those, 42 percent publish content on a weekly basis, and 55 percent plan to increase their content marketing efforts in the coming year. However, according to Altimeter, 70 percent of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.

1. What is content marketing?

Before moving on to the steps, let’s first go over the definition of content marketing. To plan ahead, you first need to know what content marketing is.

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Content marketing is basically all about creating high-quality content targeted to a specific audience. It includes the regular and regular publication of content that educates, inspires and entertains readers or clients.

The main part of content marketing is turning strangers into customers. This is when you need a proof-of-concept content marketing plan. If you’re worried about needing large amounts of resources, don’t. You can even achieve your goals with a small team or even as a tackler.

I have a small team of 5 and we are living proof that content marketing doesn’t require a lot of resources. With our hard work, we were able to improve digital marketing.

We mainly create blog posts and entertaining ads for Facebook. Our main purpose is to provide customers with high quality visual content.

2. What you need to know about content marketing

2.1 Understand your buyer persona

The term mermaid buyer refers to a fictitious representation of your ideal customer. It’s the first step to better understanding your target audience, so you can tailor your products or services to cater to their personalities, needs, and desires. Start with what you know about your best customers for each product and vertical.

2.2 Understanding customer needs

Next, focus on their pain points and answer them holistically. The next step is to conduct interviews and research to immerse yourself in the buyer’s world. And the last step is to get into the head of the personality so that you can see the world from their eyes and their motivations. This way, you can understand how they think and why they buy or don’t buy from you.

Stage 15 things you need to know when doing content marketing

2.3 Create interesting, engaging and viral content

Before you create any piece of content, answer these questions. What interesting and engaging topic should I write about? Does this story have viral qualities? First, choose topics that are important, meaning Internet users have recently expressed interest in them, or choose any evergreen topic in the vertical(s). Second, find what’s trending recently with Google Trends or viral stories before they even go viral with Almighty.Press. By managing viral and pre-viral content and with genuine ingenuity, you can create new content around them and make waves with the virus.

2.4 Know how to grow hacking

What is growth hacking? This is a genre of online marketing that combines the use of different tools with creativity and a knack for technology. Basically, it’s a powerful push with the help of online tools to test ideas and take advantage of various hidden opportunities. Growth Hacker TV is a good place to learn from various experts in this exciting marketing specialty.

2.5 Analyze results, foam, wash and repeat

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, only 8 percent of marketers consider themselves successful in tracking the ROI of their content marketing activities.

Unless you measure and analyze the metrics of your content, you won’t be able to gauge its success. The five metrics to track are: social shares, traffic, conversion rates, leads, and team performance. The most popular free tool is Google Analytics. However, if you prefer more in-depth paid tools.

Content marketing can be quite challenging for those who are not well equipped for today’s competition. With two million blog posts generated every day, marketers need more than a blank WordPress site. They need cutting-edge tools that can take their content to the next level and make them go viral, so they can be discovered.

3. Conclusion

Remember, content marketing is all about creating quality content backed up by an effective SEO strategy. If you can do this, you know your content marketing has been successful.

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