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4 main factors to build a Hotline that you should know

Businesses that own a Hotline number bring many benefits, from brand recognition to more professional communication. Currently, to build a Hotline, we need the following main factors. Let’s find out what those factors are in our article below!

What is the Hotline?

Hotline, also known as a hotline, is a channel connecting customers with businesses. Businesses will receive information from customers, and customers will ask for support and answer questions from businesses.

4 Yeu To Chinh De Grinding Dung Tong Dai HotlineThe concept of a Hotline switchboard

Currently, taking care of customers with a hotline number is a lot because this shows the professionalism of the business and brand.

4 main factors to build a Hotline

To build a hotline system for businesses, we need 4 main elements: Hotline number, switchboard system, terminal equipment and internet connection.

1. Hotline number

This is the most basic, You can completely use 4 types of numbers like:

  • Call center 1900.
  • Call center 1800.
  • Fixed number switchboard.
  • Mobile number switchboard.

4 Yeu To Chinh De Grinding Dung Tong Dai Hotline 1Hotline number

You can completely use 4 types of numbers as above, depending on the purpose of your business. Registering a first number is also quite simple, you can completely contact the network providers that provide the first number such as Viettel, Mobifone, VNPT, FPT, CMC, Itel … to register a service number for yourself. .

2. PBX system

The PBX system is the place to coordinate and manage all calls. Currently, the  virtual PBX solution  is being used by many businesses because it helps manage calls effectively; high professionalism; integrate many other features and software; Especially, it saves a lot of money for businesses.

3. Terminal

To use the switchboard, we definitely need a terminal. There are 2 methods to receive and make calls on a virtual PBX system that are using hardware devices (IP Phone, dedicated headsets) or softphones installed on computers or mobile phones.

4 Yeu To Chinh De Grinding Dung Tong Dai Hotline 2Terminals

Softphone brings convenience, high mobility. However, the stability of softphone is not high. Therefore, you should equip the hotline operator with hardware devices such as IP Phone or dedicated headset to ensure the best quality.

4. Internet line

Virtual PBX requires Internet to work. Therefore, you need to equip your system with a stable private transmission line. In addition, it is also necessary to equip a backup line (Backup) in case of failure on the main transmission line.


Above is all the information about the 4 main factors to build a virtual switchboard that we want to share. Hope this article will help you get more useful information. Good luck!

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