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10 things to keep in mind when building a customer service call center for businesses – part 2

Last time, we shared 10 things to keep in mind when building customer service call center, here are the rest of the 10 things to keep in mind to have a complete call center that we have for you.

  1. “Call routing” – Routing calls

Are calls to the PBX correctly routed to the correct Specialist Agent? Can you route calls to other Call Center departments in your organization to handle long wait calls during peak hours or fallback situations?

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Calls that are not routed correctly and are repeatedly switched can reduce customer satisfaction. The highest risk is that you will lose customers to competitors where customers are served faster and better. Call routing has become an indispensable tool for businesses. It can help businesses handle many situations such as: improving call flow, ensuring continuity in customer service, personnel management and planning, etc.

  1. Omni-Channel – Integrated Multi-Channel

Can your call center reach your target market with an interactive channel other than voice? Do you receive all customer contact information and orders? Does your business use social media to answer customer inquiries? Do you want multiple channels to make interacting with customers easier? And does expanding the Video channel help you increase sales?

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Don’t forget the built-in multi-channel

The target audience of each business is different. Therefore, identifying the customers of the business is essential and important to increase sales and profits. Voice, email, instant messaging, social media, video, automated mailboxes (IVRs) and other self-service services are all considered customer outreach channels that need to be considered. Depending on the target audience, you must choose the appropriate method. From there, it is possible to respond to requests from customers as soon as possible. In addition to determining the target customer, the identification of the interaction channel also contributes to the success or failure of the company in today’s fiercely competitive market.

  1. “Benchmarking” – Benchmark for Customer Service Center

How Can Your Call Center Stop the Competition? What market trends are going on? Which switchboard is leading in terms of quality? What advanced technology is being used? If you want to find the answer, go to a reputable site in the industry and measure the benchmark for your Call Center.

Trang The International Contact Center Benchmarking Consortium (

A site that provides data analysis and trend reports for the Contact Center field. Data published by ICCBC and other sources can help you discover where your business stands in the industry. How you can improve performance or validate existing processes. Besides, the International Customer Management Institute ( also provides a lot of information about the knowledge of the Enterprise Call Center. Improving the performance of your Business Call Center can be an important factor in determining your business profit or loss.

  1. “Right person, right job” in Customer Service Center

Does your call center have excellent employees? Are you operating a 24/7 customer care switchboard? Do you allow agents to work flexible hours?

It cannot be denied that an agent is a very important person for a business switchboard. They are the people who can directly affect the revenue of the business. Agents who do not have the knowledge and skills can lead to business notoriety, lost customers, and plummeting revenue. Their working time is also one of the deciding factors. Flexible hours or a good compensation plan can make the operator feel more comfortable during the working process. Employee satisfaction can lead to lower revenue. However, it helps to stabilize the working environment at the enterprise switchboard. And this also contributes to the increase in customer satisfaction for the business.

  1. Self-service technology

Do you want to reduce the number and cost of hiring an Agent? Are your customers willing to opt for an automation solution?

A typical feature for this technology is IVR – automatic voice interaction is a very effective tool. It allows your customers to get the information they need without waiting to talk to an Agent, increasing customer satisfaction. Today, many businesses (airlines, finance, utilities…) have used this technology for their call centers, helping them achieve optimal operating efficiency.


Here are 10 things to consider when building a call center for your business that we have shared with you. Hopefully with the above 10 things, will help you have a complete customer care call center.

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