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10 things to keep in mind when building a customer service call center for businesses – part 1

If you are a business, you need to build a customer service call center or are looking to improve it better, you should not ignore the 10 issues below.

  1. “Outsourcing” – Outsourcing

Do you want to reduce “threshold costs”? Do you want to have a business switchboard with many agents on duty but do not have enough facilities, time and human resources?

Outsourcing has been a solution that has existed for decades. It comes in a variety of forms: using a provider that leases the Enterprise PBX infrastructure or hiring temporary Agents to handle the increased call during the holiday season. It is important to do ROI research when considering outsourcing. Outsourcing does not always mean cost savings. This solution can lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business. Some big-name corporations have chosen to outsource but then switched to setting up their own Enterprise Call Center just because of customer complaints.

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  1. “Call recording” – Record calls

An agent is rude to a customer and you have no way to verify it? Do you suspect that someone in the call center is disclosing sensitive business information? So, is it really necessary to record all incoming and outgoing calls of the switchboard?

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Based on government regulations in general or business requirements in particular, call recording is a requirement of many business switchboards. Whether required or not, call recording is a powerful tool to help businesses manage training, evaluate Agents, and identify areas for improvement. Considering call recording quality helps to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. The solutions on the market with costs are very diverse. Therefore, your request will help determine the amount that you need to invest in a call recording solution.

  1. “Mobile agents” – Mobile switchboard

Mobile PBX is a great way to expand your Enterprise PBX. This type does not need to cost additional space rental. There are many Enterprise PBX providers on the market that are capable of integrating this feature. Many companies have set up this feature for the convenience of high-achieving employees without the need for full-time supervision. Some other businesses use this solution to save as much cost as possible. Therefore, please consider that this mobile phone model is suitable for your business call center.

  1. Resource Management Call Center CSKH

Did you encounter any problems when training for the Enterprise Customer Care Call Center? The quality of handling work of the agents is not good? Is your Call Center manager really dedicated to finding the problem? How many Agents do you need for a new product launch or peak season?

Take the time to raise issues with suppliers or partners about how to manage Human Resources. From there, you will have solutions and options to solve the situations you encounter. A valuable resource management tool if used effectively. It not only helps your business switchboard operate with good productivity. It also helps maintain and develop human resources at the enterprise switchboard.

Through the 5 things presented above, do you realize the problems of your business? For most business call centers, nothing can be more of a headache than a problem related to personnel. If companies know how to set up policies and methods from the beginning, it helps to avoid conflicts that affect the interests of businesses and employees. Let’s find out the remaining 5 things in Part 2 of “10 Things to Consider for a Complete Call Center”.

  1. Measures for backup customer care switchboard

Nature is an unpredictable thing. Redundancy is very important to keep your business call center operating at all times and not for any reason to stop. It could be setting up multiple units in different locations or setting up a Mobile PBX. There are many vendors that will recommend this solution to businesses. In case of emergencies, you should immediately contact the supplier for the most suitable solution.

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