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10 free virtual call centers to help businesses take care of customers (CRM)

Currently, the integration of virtual switchboards into CRM software for the purpose of managing phone sales and care activities is done by many businesses. Besides using professional customer management software, businesses are also very interested in open source software that allows free use.

We will share with you the top 10 free virtual call  centers integrated in CRM customer management software. Thereby you can refer to options for your business.

10 free virtual call centers for businesses (CRM)

1. Free virtual switchboard Callio

Callio is a virtual PBX operated on a cloud computing platform using cross-platform and API stability of 100% that can respond to all types of programming languages. Outstanding features of Callio’s free virtual switchboard include:

  • Call management, management, permissions for users, call recording files
  • Integrated SMS, Email Marketing and automatic calling feature
  • Support video calls on the website’s livechat frame
  • Suitable for all types of businesses from SMEs, Start-ups or big brands

2. SIPFoundry . Free Virtual PBX

SIPFoundry is an open source telephony platform developed  in 2004 and is the strongest counterpart to Asterisk virtual PBX. The platform allows consumers to build voice calls, video calls, unified messaging, guided chat or mobile client applications.

10 Free Trade Funds For EntrepreneursSIPFoundry Free Virtual PBX

3. Kamailio Free Virtual Call Center

Like other free virtual PBXs, Kamailio is a system developed for the purpose of building and extending a SIP server. Kamailio provides powerful features such as asynchronous SCTP, TCP, UDP or TLS to ensure secure communication for VOIP. This free virtual PBX supports load balancing, authorization confirmation, low cost routing or failover, especially ensuring enhanced security.

4. FreeSwimming Virtual PBX ONLY

Also a system developed on the Asterisk platform, FreeSWITCH focuses on supporting multi-platforms with scalability and stability. The platform provides software libraries to manipulate when the system needs to work. In addition, besides the normal calling feature, FreeSWITCH also offers superior additional features such as voice recognition, PSTN interface for digital.

10 Free Trade Funds For Entrepreneurs 1Free SWITCH FREE Virtual PBX ONLY

5. Free Virtual PBX Asterisk

As the foundation of today’s open source VoIP and PBX solutions, Asterisk is a commonly used toolkit with features including: voice responses, automated call distribution, mail This is the leading open source virtual PBX platform today and the next platform for Voip, PBX and UC systems.

6. Free virtual PBXInAFlash

PBXInAFlash is a platform for setting up a PBX server with outstanding features such as automatic transcription, caller ID lookup, Google Voice integration, fax support, SSL lock or text-to-speech. Users can operate easily and it does not take much time, just one click can use the add-ons of this free virtual PBX.

7. Elastix Free Virtual Call Center

Elastix is ​​a free virtual PBX developed based on Asterisk platform that provides unified communication server including Email, Fax, IP PBX and IM… This tool can support a wide range of hardware such as Snom, Yeastar, Dinstar, Yealink and Digium all work in one extremely easy to use interface.

8. OpenSIP . Free Virtual PBX

OpenSIP is a SIP server deployment platform that allows setting up standalone, custom communication packages like a PBX. OpenSIP supports users to perform voice, IM, video services like any other open source telephony platform.

This is considered one of the fastest SIP servers and provides businesses with superior features. Web-based configuration portal that simplifies the collection and statistics of services.

9. Free virtual switchboard 3CX

The 3CX phone system is an open source SIP-based virtual PBX system that allows calls over PSTN or standard VOIP services. The platform is hassle-free and developed by experts so that it can be deployed on a PBX server or Windows, Mac or iOS, Android operating systems efficiently.

10. Free PBX FreePBX

FreePBX is a perfect combination of Asterisk and PBX platforms. The system includes a list of commercial features and utilities to improve the system to ensure quality and stability for the end users. This tool can assist with sales team education.


Above is all information about 10 free virtual call centers for businesses that we want to share. Good luck!

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